Are Locum Tenens Physicians Right For Your Facility?

To say that physician staffing can be difficult today is an understatement. Staffing issues are a constant source of frustration for healthcare facilities nationwide. It can take months to find the right permanent physician for your facility, and sometimes even longer! So how do you know when or if you should consider locum tenens providers…

Create and Submit Locum Tenens Assignments in LocumsMart

How to Create and Submit Locum Tenens Assignments

Creating new locum tenens assignments Once you log in, there are two simple ways to create a new assignment for temporary locum tenens. You can either click the “Get Started” button on the home screen or click the “Create Assignments” button located within the Assignments tab. When adding a new assignment to LocumsMart, you’ll be…


How LocumsMart is Different from an Agency

“How is LocumsMart different from an agency?” If I had a Valium for every time we get asked that I’d have enough to subdue the Hulk! There are lots of agencies and vendor management systems available, so how are we different? We’re different from an agency because we’re not an agency. Clear as mud, right?…