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Our industry continues to grow early in 2018, but it’s not too late to use data from last year to inform your decisions moving forward.

This year’s report was compiled from internal data from the dozens of vendors, hundreds of facilities and thousands of providers who were part of the LocumsMart platform in 2017. You can download it here.

Our 2017 locum tenens industry trends report includes industry-wide data on:

  • Overall fill rate
  • Total bids submitted
  • Total approved invoice time
  • Total number of facilities booking an assignment
  • Biggest increases and decreases in hourly rates by specialty
  • Top states by dollars spent
  • Top specialties by dollars spent

LocumsMart users know that our platform offers a wide range of individualized data to help them make smarter, more data-driven decisions. Contact to learn more about how our data reporting can enhance your operations.

To know where the industry is going, you have to know where it’s been—and where it is.


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