procuring cause protection

Procuring Cause Status and How to Check It

Procuring cause protection is one of the fundamental concepts on which the recruitment and staffing industry rests. The concept is fairly simple—everyone deserves to be paid or their labor. As a staffing firm, your value lies in your ability to recruit candidates, which requires time and effort. Procuring cause protection is simply meant to ensure…


What to Expect in 2017

It’s early, but we see plenty of trends emerging already for the year ahead. These are some of our predictions for 2017—and how we plan to help our customers capitalize. Tech-Savvy Providers When I first got involved in healthcare, Providers usually did not even have email addresses. Times have changed. While the telephone is still…


VMS Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is more than a buzzword. With any web or cloud-based application you use, you should be sure that the vendor is keeping your sensitive information as safe as possible. Given that sales revenues are rarely directly attributable to cybersecurity efforts, management is often tempted to underinvest, and companies large and small end up with…


2016 in Review

2016 was a great year at LocumsMart. These are some of the highlights. 2.0 Launches After a lot of hard work, we launched the newest version of our platform this fall, and the feedback we’ve received from our Users has been overwhelmingly positive. LocumsMart 2.0 provides a better User experience and a higher level of…


The LocumsMart Origin Story, Part II

Last week, we told you about why Bob Shumard and I decided to build our own locum tenens solution. This week, I’d like to explain the thought process behind how we built it in a way that stands above our competitors to this day. We started by scoping things out. We asked ourselves: What were…


The LocumsMart Origin Story, Part I

In 2008, LocumsMart became the first vendor management software platform to enter the locum tenens industry. But where did it come from? Before starting LocumsMart, our Director of Client Services Bob Shumard and I spent a combined 22 years at one of the largest physician staffing companies in the country. In our roles on the…


Questionnaire for Providers

Do you know a Provider with an interesting story to tell? LocumsMart wants to foster greater understanding and knowledge transfer between all parties involved in temporary staffing—Providers, Facilities, and Vendors. As part of these efforts, LocumsMart will begin publishing Provider Spotlight profiles on our blog. The intent of the Provider Spotlight is to give providers…


New and Improved Specialty Naming

You may have noticed some changes in the way specialties are listed in LocumsMart 2.0. In the previous version of LocumsMart, we added physician specialties upon request and as needed. In LocumsMart 2.0, we have standardized the way physician specialties are listed to match the nomenclature used by the American Medical Association. We hope that…