Apps for doctors – technology in healthcare

Healthcare Technology Tools: Apps for Physicians

The current healthcare industry landscape is full of opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs. Innovators are stepping over the status quo, breaking down barriers, and creating tools that will change the face of healthcare as we know it. Even hospitals are throwing their hats in the ring; Cedars Sinai just launched a digital health accelerator program…

Locum Tenens Pay Rates – LocumsMart

Locum Tenens Pay Rates: How Are They Determined?

Today I’m focusing on a question our new members ask frequently, “How do we know if the agency bid is market?”  We get it – you’re accustomed to paying salary rates for permanent practice physicians and the locum tenens salary rates you are seeing are noticeably higher. Your hospital is already losing revenue because of…

Cost of locum tenens – LocumsMart

Locum Tenens: Costly or Cost Effective?

Each fall, we see retailers across the nation bring on temporary staff to help them prepare for and navigate the busy holiday season. While increased staffing can certainly improve operational efficiency and customer support services, do you really think Fortune 50 companies like UPS, Walmart, Target, and Amazon would be using temporary workers if it…

Finding Locum Tenens Through Social Media

Quick Tips for Finding Locum Tenens Through Social Media

It’s no secret that businesses across the country are using social media to reach new customers and increase their sales. But it’s not just retail and service businesses that are utilizing these platforms; recruiters and staffing agencies have been successfully using social media to identify potential candidates and fill vacancies over the past few years…