LocumsMart is the best VMS type system out there.
Steve – Physician Recruiter
Evergreen contracts through LocumsMart are a huge deal for our agency. We have way too many things to deal with to be worrying about renewing contracts at the end of the year.
Jerry – Vendor Member
LocumsMart eliminates contract negotiations, reduces data input, and lets me select the best candidate for my need.  Ready, set, go!
Christy – Physician Recruiter
I'm using LocumsMart for all my locums needs. It's comprehensive, easy to use and a real time saver.
Diane – Director Physician Services
I posted my need and was IMMEDIATELY flooded with candidate CVs. Amazing!
Sandy – Physician Recruiter
The quality of our locums has definitely increased since using LocumsMart. The competitive marketplace allows us to select the most qualified providers.
Physician Recruitment Manager, Nashville, TN
LocumsMart is very user friendly and easy to navigate. I enjoy having the ability to screen candidates without fielding calls from dozens of locums agencies.
Emily – Director, Clearview Regional
Why place a call to each vendor to describe my assignment needs, when I can post on LocumsMart and reach 60+ agencies with a single click?
Damian, Physician Recruiter