Information Technology in Healthcare

We recently shared the results of a survey on technology in healthcare. It contains many interesting findings, but I want to share my thoughts on a few that stood out. More than a third of respondents reported that their “most pressing information technology problem” is “difficulty turning data into actionable information.” Being paralyzed by the…


2017 NALTO/NAPR Conference Recap

Bob Shumard and I recently attended the annual National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations / National Association of Physician Recruiters Conference in San Diego. It was a great opportunity to interface with many of our customers in one place and hear from people around the locum tenens industry. We received a lot of great feedback,…


Coming Soon: Time and Schedule Management

What’s coming LocumsMart is developing solutions for our top-requested functionalities. In the next few weeks, we will be rolling out new functionality pertaining to automated time tracking and schedule management from within LocumsMart. As with everything we do, LocumsMart is going to roll out the new functionality in iterative chunks. The first chunk will be…

transparency breeds trust

Transparency Breeds Trust

In poll after poll, study after study, two trends persist: consumer trust in technology companies is high, while their trust in healthcare organizations is low. We recently tweeted out an article that made this exact point. As a technology company serving the healthcare industry, LocumsMart has a unique perspective on both, and a vested interest…


What is Provider Bid Verification?

What is Provider Bid Verification? Provider Bid Verification is one of LocumsMart’s newest features. In short, Providers receive an email notification the instant a Vendor places a Bid on their behalf. The email includes information about the presenting Vendor, the Facility, and the particular Assignment Request, but it does not include any information relating to…

npi number

Checking NPI Numbers

In our recent blog post on procuring cause status, we mentioned that LocumsMart uses a provider’s NPI number to automate procuring cause protection for vendors. Provider profiles on LocumsMart are built around NPI numbers, as these are always unique to the provider. LocumsMart software can differentiate between providers with the same name, for example, because…

procuring cause protection

Procuring Cause Status and How to Check It

Procuring cause protection is one of the fundamental concepts on which the recruitment and staffing industry rests. The concept is fairly simple—everyone deserves to be paid or their labor. As a staffing firm, your value lies in your ability to recruit candidates, which requires time and effort. Procuring cause protection is simply meant to ensure…


What to Expect in 2017

It’s early, but we see plenty of trends emerging already for the year ahead. These are some of our predictions for 2017—and how we plan to help our customers capitalize. Tech-Savvy Providers When I first got involved in healthcare, Providers usually did not even have email addresses. Times have changed. While the telephone is still…


VMS Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is more than a buzzword. With any web or cloud-based application you use, you should be sure that the vendor is keeping your sensitive information as safe as possible. Given that sales revenues are rarely directly attributable to cybersecurity efforts, management is often tempted to underinvest, and companies large and small end up with…