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Locumsmart Brand Update and Website Launch

Locum tenens – the industry, the business model, the term – can be complicated. That’s just the truth. As the original VMS solution designed specifically for locum tenens, Locumsmart uncomplicates locums. Our customers often tell us that simpler processes, smarter decisions, and more efficient access to providers are what make our solution so valuable. The more we reflected on that, the more we realized that our brand identity and marketing may not have reflected that value our customers want and get from us.   So, in mid-2022, we made a choice to update our brand, including our messaging, our logo, our visual elements, marketing materials, website, and more, all to better reflect our value and match the essence of what we bring to our customers, whether they’re healthcare organizations or vendors.  

The Name

Namely, the name. LocumsMart, as we were originally named, conveyed our vendor neutral status and the breadth of providers our customers could reach. In today’s landscape, intelligence outweighs the sheer volume. Furthermore, a core belief of ours has always been that smart people are looking for smart solutions to manage their locums. As such, our brand will be represented now as Locumsmart, emphasis on smart.  

The Logo

In the logo, we use color contrast and a unique “LS” icon to modernize the Locumsmart brand identity, and put the emphasis on smart  New: Locumsmart logo                       Old:   

The Website

https://locumsmart.net/  You will see a richer, more diverse set of colors and icons. Notice how photos and illustrations convey the importance of people and relationships in addition to our technology and systems.  

The Message

Our Brand Promise to our customers is simple, and stated right up front:   Uncomplicate locums with the people-focused technology powerhouse that delivers. Take the chaos out of your locums with the undisputed champion of locums technology. In its place get simpler and more efficient processes, intelligence on demand, and providers at unmatchable scale. 

The Platform  

We have adapted much of the new brand style into the Locumsmart platform to give our users a refreshed, dynamic look and feel.  

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