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Update on Locumsmart 2020 Roadmap

Earlier this year when Executive Leadership came together to create our Product Roadmap, we did not consider that industry disruption was just around the corner. The COVID-19 pandemic changed things. Hospitals around the Nation prepared for the worst, and the Locums industry was put on hold for some specialties and spiked in others. We found ourselves, like so many in our Member community, dealing with large scale cancellations and slowed revenue. More importantly, people close to us either became sick or knew someone that was dealing with the virus.    Locumsmart decided it was crucial to change course and draw upon the Agile principles we value closely. The Agile Manifesto resonated and rang true in our hearts. Particularly “Responding to change, over following a plan”. We decided to pivot from our previously stated business priorities of shift improvements and bulk actions, and to focus instead on providing analytical data that could help our Members evaluate the pandemic’s impacts to their business. The technology team quickly came together to release additional cancellation reasons and dashboard reports, which allow for greater tracking of COVID-19 related disruptions to Facilities, Vendors, and Providers.    Assignment Requests, Confirmation Agreements, and Shifts now allow for additional cancelation reasons that translate to the following dashboards:
  • Cancel Coverage Analysis - Provides information about canceled Assignment Requests and Confirmation Agreements, including whether or not the cancellation was due to COVID-19. This bar graph indicates the date the assignment was supposed to begin. 
Cancel Coverage Analysis
  • Cancel Reason Analysis - Provides information about the particular reason the coverage was canceled, specifically due to Facility or Provider COVID-disruption
Cancel Reason
  • Cancel Shift Analysis - similar to the above report, this will provide a breakdown of the cancellation reason, however it is based on individual shifts that were canceled, rather than the entire assignment. 
  • Canceled Shift Coverage - similar to the Cancel Coverage Analysis this provides information about canceled shifts based on their intended start date.
  This is just a snapshot of the data being provided, there is much more available from within the Locumsmart application in the Analytics section. We hope this information can provide our Members with the ability to make strategic decisions, and gain insight into when things may return to “normal”. Until then, stay safe and remember we are all in this together!   P.S. Despite this change of course, the team has continued to make some progress on our original roadmap priorities for 2020. The new Mobile Time Clock interface was released on March 28th, and Shift Bulk Actions were released earlier this week! Full user guides of the changes can be found from within the Locumsmart platform under help>documentation. Next up, is the ability to Bulk Create Shifts allowing for faster schedule creation. 

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