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3 tips for agency placement success in Locumsmart

How can your agency increase revenue through the Locumsmart platform? Here are three insider suggestions to enhance your agency’s placement success in Locumsmart. These tips will save you time and increase your organization's odds of turning an assignment request into a confirmation agreement with scheduled dates. Graphic list of 3 tips for agency placement success in the Locumsmart platform

1. Set your profile preferences

If you haven't already done so, set your preferences on your User Profile. Navigate to the Associations tab, where you can select states and/or specialties for which you would like to receive notifications. If you're a specialty or geography-based recruiter, or an account manager, this will help reduce distractions and increase focus in your specialty areas. Setting up these filters will eliminate scrolling through assignment requests and receiving notifications that don't apply to your internal work group. Please note that advanced practitioners have their own specialty categories. If you'd like to receive assignment request notifications for both APs and physicians, make sure you select the AP specialty and the physician specialty. Also review the Notifications tab to ensure you have turned on notifications that apply to your job function and set inapplicable notifications to be inactive.

2. Increase your bid score

When a bid is submitted in Locumsmart, it's scored from 0% to 100%. This allows facility contacts to quickly see which candidates are the best overall fit for their posted assignment request. When you are careful to ensure the following items get entered on the bid, you will have a better chance of winning the bid. Bid scores are comprised of the following items:
  • Request Coverage: To get the maximum score, your provider’s availability must match as closely with the requested coverage on the assignment request dates as possible. For example, if your provider is available on an ongoing basis, and the assignment ends 2/28/2025, then you need to put your provider as available through 2/28/2025.
  • Specialty Match: Make sure the specialty on the provider profile matches the specialty on the Assignment Request.
  • Provider Score: Hospitals have the ability to leave feedback on your provider’s assignment performance. Their performance rating is weighed into the score. However, if there is no feedback, it won't count against the provider.
  • License Match: Be sure any active or inactive state licenses uploaded to the provider profile match the state in the assignment request.
  • Certification Match: Include all certifications that match the Assignment Request.

3. Consider attaching a bid comment

Bid comments can only be seen by the facility, your agency, and Locumsmart. When you leave a comment on a bid, it leaves a comment in Locumsmart, but the comment simultaneously generates an email to the hospital contact with a copy of the bid comment. Here are some suggestions for ways to use comments:
  • Sell your provider: Add a comment to highlight the selling points of your provider. Selling points include active state license, availability, quick start, certifications, seasoned traveler, and feedback from previous assignments. These will make your provider stand out.
  • Barter your rates: Ask for advice on whether the rates submitted are in line with the budget for coverage. Facilities will usually respond back and you can negotiate accordingly on specific rates.
  • Interview availability of your provider: Be proactive and let the facility know specific days and times your provider is available to interview. Also include the best number to reach him or her.
If used properly, these suggestions should add value to the facility and help build relationships with decision-makers through the Locumsmart platform. To learn more, visit locumsmart.net or email us at support@locumsmart.net.

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