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Locumsmart’s 2020 Product Roadmap

Early in 2020, executive leadership came together to continue the conversation we started with our Members at the Locumsmart Education Conference in Nashville last September. The goal was to strategize on how we can enhance our software to meet our Member needs in the Locum Tenens industry. As we coalesced around a collective vision for the future of our company, we also put pen to paper and created a formal “Product Roadmap” for 2020. Our overarching vision for the future is to continue to focus on ways to simplify workflow for all of our Members. Within that broader goal, we have a particular focus in 2020 on giving different types of Users different ways of taking actions and accessing information within the system. Our goal is to make it easier for Users to focus, and efficiently perform tasks within their area of expertise (recruiting, credentialing, accounting, etc.), without needing to access unrelated workflow records. We want to deliver more helpful data to our Users, right at the exact step in the workflow when they need it to help them make a decision.  Locumsmart’s 2020 Product Roadmap includes functionality enhancements to these specific features: Mobile Time Clock User experience refresh, with a goal of easing Provider time entry. Shifts/Scheduling  Bulk actions for creating, editing, and cancelling multiple Shifts, as well as submitting availability, and confirming Providers. Confirmation Agreements Changes to CA Start and End Dates so as to better align the relationship between Locumsmart CAs and Shifts, with our Vendor Members’ internal processes for confirming shifts and generating confirmation agreement letters. Provider Statuses Enhanced options for sorting and filtering based on Provider statuses, including new tracking of a Provider’s Credentialing and Enrollment status. Bid Scoring Updates to Bid Scoring to incorporate new Provider statuses.   In addition to these roadmap items, the Locumsmart Technology Team will make enhancements to our own internal processes for how we gather feedback, and communicate with our Member Community regarding technology development. Locumsmart plans to introduce a formal product feedback tool and enhancement voting forum, which will allow our Users to share feature ideas, and vote on their favorites.  Regular updates will be provided as we continue to work through our roadmap. Stay tuned!

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