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Why vendor neutrality matters at Locumsmart

At Locumsmart, we pride ourselves on being a vendor-neutral company, which helps provide the best deliverability outcomes for healthcare organizations. In short, it’s a win-win for everybody. Here’s why vendor neutrality matters and what Locumsmart does to make sure its platform remains unbiased.

What is vendor neutrality?

Vendor neutrality is a business approach in which a company remains impartial and unbiased in its dealings with vendors or suppliers. It means not showing favoritism toward any vendor and making decisions based on objective standards. This helps ensure fair competition, transparency, and the selection of the best-suited providers or services for each organization’s needs.

Remaining vendor-neutral also means adhering to strict data integrity practices, including not sharing an organization's or provider’s data outside of the platform.

Graphic with definition of vendor neutrality

How vendor neutrality benefits staffing agencies and healthcare organizations

When it comes to finding locum providers through a vendor management system (VMS) such as Locumsmart, vendor neutrality benefits both healthcare organizations (HCOs) and staffing agencies.

An HCO's primary goal is to meet its staffing needs, which is easier when it has access to the largest pool possible of quality providers. A vendor-neutral platform offers better chances for a variety of vendors to participate, so the HCO can more easily find a vendor that meets its needs.

From a staffing agency perspective, a vendor-neutral platform allows them to compete in the market. While it’s up to each agency to earn its business, it won’t be disadvantaged in a vendor-neutral environment, and its information will not be shared outside of the platform.

Without vendor neutrality, vendors may not participate, and without participation, health systems don't have access to the pool they need. In essence, while vendor neutrality may not directly impact the immediate needs of individual hospitals, it becomes indispensable for health systems seeking to cast the widest net possible to meet their diverse and evolving demands.

Vendor neutrality at Locumsmart

At Locumsmart, we prioritize vendor neutrality and take proactive measures to make sure it remains a cornerstone of our operations. We undergo annual third-party SOC-1 and SOC-2 audits and rigorous data security protocols to underscore our commitment to maintaining neutrality and safeguarding data integrity. We also continually assess and refine our internal policies to prevent inadvertent biases or breaches.

Graphic with text stating that Locumsmart prioritizes vendor neutrality on its platform  

Maintaining neutrality became even more important for Locumsmart after it was acquired by CHG Healthcare. While this partnership has provided Locumsmart with additional resources to deliver greater value to our customers, we understand success is only possible if we continue to operate a vendor-neutral marketplace. Clear communication, stringent policies, and ongoing transparency are vital in reassuring our customers and stakeholders of our ongoing commitment to vendor neutrality.

How to determine if a VMS is vendor neutral

Using a VMS that isn't vendor neutral increases the chances of a substandard experience for both staffing agencies and healthcare systems. For HCOs, a non-vendor-neutral VMS may offer fewer quality providers or higher rates due to less competition.

As such, healthcare organizations and vendors should seek proof of vendor neutrality from their VMS partners. Questions to ask include:

  • Which agencies will receive my open need requests?
  • Can I decide which presentations I want to receive first?
  • Are requests open to all vendors at the same time?
  • Will some presentations be held back for any reason?

Additionally, verifying adherence to data security and privacy policies, such as through SOC audits, is crucial to ensuring trust and transparency.

Vendor neutrality is important

It's not just a buzzword; it's a fundamental principle that underpins transparency and trust in the healthcare staffing industry. At Locumsmart, we remain steadfast in our commitment to vendor neutrality, recognizing its importance for our customers and the broader healthcare community.

To learn more, visit locumsmart.net or email us at support@locumsmart.net.

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